The Ultimate Region

One region made with mods by user Markusloo.


This is the place you will frequently go to if you have a question on how the game functions, what mechanics work in a mod, or when you should do something to avoid eminent disaster in your city.

Ever since the oil fields of modding for SimCity (2013) burst open, there has been no place of formal documentation for any of those mods. How are people supposed to know the specifics of what one does or how it works? Could someone greatly improve their experience with mods if they knew the unusual quirks and best ways to accomplish a style of a city?

The SimCity Lexicon was created by TheCraftKid as a means of preserving the information the community without resulting to cluttered forums or anything like the sort.

Remember, if you have any information to add to the SimCity Lexicon, please do so! The information is in the hands of the community! Create a new page, add new information to an existing page, or share the wiki with others to let this operation expand!

Useful ModsEdit

Project Akar - UI Enhancement (and more)


UDoNs - UniDirectional Networks (one-way roads)


Project Orion - Extended City Boundaries


Useful Links Edit

Simtropolis - Many cities, one community

Simtropolis SimCity 2013 STEX - (Where mods are found)